New updates and improvements to Paced Email

  1. Custom signatures

    New Feature

    Each inbox now has a field for you to include a signature. Signatures are appended to the composing, replying and forwarding email forms throughout the web platform.

    Set domain level default signatures in the newly announced Global default settings feature.

    Signatures can be deleted from the body of outbound messages if required.

  2. Global default settings

    New Feature

    You can now configure each domain in Paced Email with settings templates and select which domain should be used by default.

    Begin creating your custom templates by visiting the General settings tab here:

    Set your default domain and change your preferences to select the defaults for the following fields:

    - Periodicity

    - Send day of month/week

    - Send hour of the day

    - Recipients

    - Delivery format

    - Addition options

    - Signature

    When you create a new inbox via the web platform, browser extensions or API, the starting settings for the alias will inherit from these new templates. You can then edit and override before hitting save if you need to.

  3. Dark mode

    New Feature

    Paced Email now has a dark mode setting to suit your preferences. To turn it on, visit your Profile settings page and update the Theme option.

  4. Bypass rules now use recipients


    Recipients assigned to inboxes are also now used in the bypass rule. Each person on the list will receive the inbound email instantly if the rule is triggered.

  5. Assign ad hoc inbox recipient email addresses

    New Feature

    Inbox recipients were previously restricted to teammates.

    Instead of inviting new members to your account in order to assign them as digest recipients, you can simply add email addresses (comma separated) to a new field in the "recipients" section.